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In the Custom Development field we focus mainly on customers with specific demands which are not satisfied with presently available standard solutions. Our goal is to create a solution that solves all specific customer’s needs and its quality guarantees effective and correct operations. Our activities in the custom development complexly cover the whole life-cycle of development and operation of information systems software solutions.

Custom Development Solutions
Business Intelligence
Financial Management
Mobile Application Developement
Intranet Solutions


  • Knowledge – QBSW solutions are based on our employee's extensive knowledge of software solutions development and of our customers' business processes.
  • Architecture – QBSW solutions are designed to provide its users quick and comfortable access to the desired information.
  • Open systems – QBSW software applications can be easily integrated with applications and information systems provided by other vendors.
  • Up-to-date technologies – QBSW solutions are developed using the most modern technologies delivered by world known IT companies.
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Our customers

  • State Treasury Information System for the Ministry of Finance of Slovak Republic
  • Complex delivery of software application Expenditure Management for the Ministry of Finance of Slovak Republic
  • More QBSW References
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V Informačnom systéme Štátnej pokladnice bol zavedený vyspelý systém archivácie údajov

Na prelome rokov 2011 a 2012 v IS ŠP prebiehali významné aktivity súvisiace s budovaním rozšíreného systému archivácie údajov bankových aplikácií. Nový systém komplexnej archivácie dát bol dobudovaný ku koncu prvého štvrťroka 2012.

QBSW new managing director

Mr. Martin Hrnko has become a new QBSW managing director.

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